How to make your own comic books using an used printing machine?

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Surely we all remember the days when, as children, we all were very pleased to read or just look at the images of  various comic books with all kinds of stories more or less interesting .

The increasingly higher trend today is that these magazines are coming back on the market, even leading to a delimitation of the people in two groups: the enthusiasts and the true collectors of this comics.

If we consider well, the old comics were not  produced so much different than today. They were translated on paper with an old used printing machine, but a really good one in terms of quality. Today, large companies dealing in this field still invest enough money for Them, while beginners are turning to cheaper resources, but equally good in terms of quality , using printer.


How can you make yourself a comic book on a large scale? Well, it is quite simple. Everything starts with an idea from a thread of a story, created on the computer or on a notebook, a scenario that will be later translated into images. The story itself should be more attractive, and the graphical representation should be an exceptional one.

It is not at all so easy to create a real scenario and then to animates its characters, but certainly with passion and total commitment, this becomes possible. There are no conditioners in terms of topics, comic books being intended for both children and adults as well.

Comic books about super heroes and their adventures, such as Batman, Catwoman or Spiderman, or newer stories with characters who are trying to define as an outline, they all are embraced by everyone, given be the pleasure with we can relate to the “feelings” of the characters.

You can clearly make a business out of it, however you must pay special attention to the amount of the entire project cost. Using a printer used requires certain compliance in terms of supplies, and this must be considered in order to put on paper an effective business plan. But if you desire to implement some ideas on paper in the form of animation is reflected only on a personal level or restricted in terms of people who will benefit from viewing them, in this case things are far simpler.


One of the online markets that can provide all the needed accessories for a printer, or the printer itself is the site .  In this place we can find absolutely any equipment, regardless of the year or the rate of usage of the product. The prices are also affordable given be the nature of their use.

Though the years go by very quickly, the ideas should not miss from our minds, we must always maintain our youth, especially as it concerns our judgment. To think freely and to enjoy what is beautiful, as well as comics, this can help us to remember with pleasure of the days when we were kids.

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