What Are the Advantages of the Professional Digital Camera?

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While there are many who feel that digital cameras are not appropriate for professional photographers, there are some who disagree strongly with it.

For your review, here are some of the advantages:

* Because of the ability to review your photos immediately, composition and lighting can be reviewed and those photos that do not meet standards can be deleted, saving storage space.



* It is easy to shoot in a RAW format, but processing batches of RAW files, even with a fast computer is very time consuming.

* Digital management and manipulation of the photos is much more versatile than film; therefore, it increases your workflow.

* Traditional negative and prints are difficult to edit, in comparison to digitally manipulating photos taken with a digital camera.

* Settings on a digital camera can be quickly changed to meet the current needs.

* Film must be physically replaced as well as being protected from light while it is being replaced.

* Digital cameras as well as film cameras can now be turned on and ready to take pictures, the time it takes to wind the film is no longer than saving the images to the disk.


* The fastest digital camera can take 8.5 frames per second, the fastest film can shoot 10 frames per second.

* While film cameras are limited by the length of the film to the number of pictures they can take continuously, 24 to 36, a digital can take 40 continuous images before the buffer needs to be cleared and the rest of the storage media can be used.

* Loss of image integrity with digital cameras comes from the degradation of the media it is stored on, not from the data it is stored on, film stock can and often does fade. Both should be stored carefully to prevent degradation and long life.

* Digital photos can be put onto new paper, or they can be stored in more than one media. This reduces the risk of losing the images; digital backups are much safer than film or negatives.

* Photos that are reproduced from negatives or transparencies loose their quality, each becoming gradually worse. But negatives can easily be changed to digital if you want to keep them for a long time.

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