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When you are looking for a very good attorney you should ask yourself a few questions. Their answer will show you what is best for you. First of all, your attorney must be familiarized with the common problems that appear in his specialty. You can find very good attorneys at lawyers Cluj, this firm having qualified and experienced lawyers and attorneys.

There are also cases in which attorneys represent both you and your competitors, and that is not an honorable thing to do. These cases are not common and you should pay attention to some detalis before you hire an attorney for your case. An atorney is obliged by law to keep everything about your case confidential and not to disclose any information to another party.

However, you should avoid such complications when you look for a good attorney. A good attorney is also one that explains to his clients everything they want to know in legal matters. Your attorney should tell you from the beginning the risks, the benefits, and the chances you have to win your case, in layman’s terms.


In a good law firm you will find attorneys specialized in many fiels of law, willing to help you and bring new clients to their company. As far as the fee is implied, your attorney will negotiate it with you, and you can be flexible in your choice. You must also ask from the beginning  if his fee includes disbursements (his expenses, courier charges etc.) because it might be bigger than you expect.

A lawyer that knows his interest will communicate well with you and will show his availability for further questions you might have. He is a person that you should like. An open and free communication with him brings you closer to the success you want. Lawyers must also have other qualities: thoroughness, intelligence, they must be good looking and be willing to work as much as it is necessary.

Lawyers bill their clients in different ways, depending on each case. The most common methods known on this market are: hourly rate, flat fee, value billing, contingent fee, and monthly retainer. The flat fee is applied for routine matters, for example a contract. The hourly (also known as per diem rate) covers the fee requires in cases in which the lawyer works only a few hours on your case.

The contingent fee is preferred by lawyers that work in complex cases. If they succeed, they will receive a percentage of the amount of money won by a client. Everyhing about the methods involved in the payment of the fee must be clear from the beginning.

You can make an agreement with the lawyer you choose to represent you in court. In this agreement you should specify the expenses that you are expected to reimburse. Only the necessary expenses must be reimbursed by the client, ant not those made by the attorney in his personal benefit.

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