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No matter what nation we are, there is always very important to communicate to the other people around you. Especially in the business area, it is vital to have a lot of connections, so that you can have all the news regarding the products needed for buying or for selling. Those interactions may bring you a lot of advantages, both in which concerns the profit, and the development as well.

The printing area is very variate, and on this segment  there is established a quite large cobweb between the producers and the buyers. In any corner of the world you might be, it is very important to have a close relationship with the companies that are not in your country.

This is true, you know? It is not being said by us, and not even by the specialists, but by the market trends that say that the costs for logistics can be avoided by only having the right information even before you needed them.


The German products, if we are talking about the flexo printers, or about the digital printers in general, are the best judging by a lot o qualities. The german people are recognised for their meticulousity, and for the innovating minds. They are perfectionists and that is shown in a lot of domains. The printing area is not making exception from this rule.

From this department we were glad to see on the market a printer with so high abilities that it is blowing our minds. The Man Roland printing devices are without a doubt one of the best products on the market, known by a lot of people and used by a lot more. So let’s take a closer look at its characteristics because this is a really high class product.

We are talking about the Roland Offset R202-TOB Age c printing machine. This is a two colour printer, who is equipped with 2 printing units. The format in which this offset printer can work are limited between a minimum format of 280×406 mm up to a maximum paper size of 520×740 mm.

The maximum speed for the printing process is of 12.000 sh/h. It has a recirculation unit that helps improve the printing process but as a disadvantage, unlike other printing machines it does not have in construction an varnishing unit. In this case, the final product will be only coloured but it will not have a layer of varnish. This can be done using another machines, or manually, as you have the possibilities.

The price for this machine can variate. Of course, a new one would cost a lot more than we have the possibilities. That is why on the market there are a lot of owners who are selling used equipments for far less money, but at the same quality.

Still, if you want to be in direct contact with the printing companies that may help you choose printing devices like this, you may consider to look at this site : http://printing-companies.org/german-printing-companies/. Here you can find a lot more products than that, at the best prices on the market.


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