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When deciding whether to go with a concrete house or a wooden one, you have to take into consideration a lot of factors, including the possibility to create your own project. By choosing a wooden house, also known as “maison en bois” in French, you need to know that, beyond the low prices and the fast turnaround that comes with it, you can design your house from the ground.

First of all, you can choose the total surface that you want your house to have on the ground, based on the land that you have at your disposal. You can go for a small one, a bigger one, or for a layered one. It’s your pick!


Another great aspect of creating your own design is the fact that you can choose how many rooms the house has, how are they placed within it and the surface of each one. One more important aspect is the fact that you will definitely need a room in which you will keep the working utensils from outside, but also a pantry for the jam, compote or pickles. You will regret not thinking about these, after you have built the house, so you need to think it thoroughly.

If you have a car, you should build a garage too. Don’t be picky and choose a smaller area for it, because you need to have space to place some shelves for the supplies, but also some space for the spare tires. Along with these, you need to have the space to get out of the car, but also not struggle when driving the car inside the garage.

The kids love it upstairs, in the attics. Therefore, you can pick a house with a livable attic, where you can design one room for each of the children. The space will definitely allow you to create another bedroom for you, the parents, but an office too, so that the both of you can work in the greatest peace.

Aside from the room spacing and sizing, you need to take into consideration the amount of natural light that enters your house. You should think about large windows, with UV protection factors, which will allow you to enjoy the view and have a warming and cozy environment.


All these details, that may seem little to someone, but which are important for you, can be discussed with the building company that you use. They have the at least moral obligation to help you in designing your dream wooden house, because a happy client means a happy company.

One of these kind of companies is, which will provide you with a bunch of pre-thought designs, but also allow you to create your own plan. They will give you their opinion and the quote for it and they will start working as soon as possible.

The bottom line is the fact that a house is almost for your whole life, so you have to be pleased with what you want to build, reason for which you should only choose professionals, in order to have the perfect house.

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