Where can we find good taxi transfers from Heathrow to Luton?

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I have a friend in Luton and I visited him a while ago. Talking with him before the visit we realised that my plane will land to Heathrow London, not to Luton, even though Luton has a big airport and a lot of international flights are redirected from Heathrow to Luton, in order to make the traffic a little bit easier.

The distance between Heathrow and Luton town is about 30 miles and while we were discussing we also figured that at the hour my plane lands he will be at work and he will not be able to pick me up from the airport. Because that friend of mine has his own car, I didn’t needed to rent a car only for that trip from Heathrow to Luton. So we figured that the easiest way to call a company that does taxi transfers from Heathrow to Luton.


Searching on the Internet I found out that there are several companies that are doing taxi transfers from Heathrow to Luton. I picked randomly one, because I didn’t knew anything about the prices and what every company has to offer. 30 miles are not so much, but even so, it takes 35 or 40 minutes for that trip, so I had to think about my comfort, especially because I wasn’t the one who will drive.


As I told you, I picked randomly a company, one that I found at 365airporttransfers.com and my whole trip started. I landed to Heathrow and, being used to the airports, I stepped out right after I took my luggage from the belt. I was surprised to see a man wearing a card with my name on it. Even more surprising was his answer to my question, when I asked who is he. He told me that he is the taxi driver, which I booked online.

He was more than willing to help with my luggage, and we headed to Luton. The whole trip was like an example of kindness and common sense from his behalf. He talked with me when he saw I was open for conversation, he was quiet when he felt I needed silence, and the trip ended in no time, not because he was driving too fast, but because he knew how to make it pleasant.


At Luton he helped me again with my luggage, he thanked me because I resorted to the company he represents and I was more than satisfied with the choice I made.

So, if you are looking for transfers from Heathrow to Luton, regardless the things that you have to do in Luton, business or pleasure, and you need a taxi for that transfer, this company might be what you are looking for.

Taxi transfers from Heathrow to Luton might be done by a lot of companies, but when a company meets your needs, and does that with a lot of common sense and at a fair price, you will instantly know that you found the right company, the one you were hoping to find. Just search on the Internet and you will be glad to see that all your needs regarding a taxi company are fulfilled.

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