What are the most delicious foods in London?

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While you will be in London, you can enjoy the most delicious foods for a complete British experience. Twelvetransfers.co.uk will help find a transfer from and to the airport and you will have more time to enjoy everything that London has to offer.

You definitely must taste the local cheese, because England has a long history of cheese-making. It produces more than 700 types of cheese, according to the British Cheese Board and in London are sold all these types of cheese. A type of cheese you could taste is Montgomery-s cheddar, which is the same cheddar used in Kappacasein’s celebrated cheese toastie.

Stilton blue cheese is creamy and savory, while Stichelton blue cheese is made with raw organic milk and animal rennet, being therefore closer to the original Stilton that was made centuries ago. You can start you day in London with a full English breakfast.

It consists of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, pan-fried tomatoes and mushrooms, baked beans and toast. It is rich in calories but is delicious and will provide you the energy you need to visit all the great places from London.


Have you heard about Scotch egg? It is a shelled hard-boiled egg, wrapped in sausage and covered in breadcrumb. Then it is deep fried, being considered one of the most delicious bar snacks of all times.

While you are in London, you can also taste Pie and Mash with Liquor. It is a traditional food, made of minced-beef meat pie and mash potatoes, with a green parleys sauce that is called liquor, although it doesn’t contain alcohol.

There are plenty of tasty foods you can try in London. For instance, Sticky Toffee Pudding is a tasty dessert made of dark sponge cake soaked with sweet toffee sauce (butter, sugar, and cream concoction). It was prepared for the first time in the early 20th century in the Lake District of northeast England.

Lost but not least, you have to taste Welsh rabbit. It is a vegetarian food, made with English cheddar, beer, paprika, mustard, cayenne, and Worcestershire sauce. It has a unique taste you will love it. To complete your culinary experience in London, you must drink Real ale, which is the most traditional of British beers. It is unfiltered and unpasteurized, served cool but not cold, in order to maintain its flavor.

London is full of unique places you can visit and historical buildings, green spaces, gardens, parks, as well as bars, pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy the most delicious foods. In order to take advantage of every minute you spend in London, is better to try everything that this amazing city has to offer. So, you could go to restaurants, festivals, concerts and other events.

You can also try their traditional foods and drinks, which will complete your experience in London. After such an interesting holiday, it will be difficult to return home, but twelvetransfers.co.uk can help you find the proper transfer to the airport. You can visit the website Twelvetransfers.co.uk, if you need more information.

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